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-- John Townley, author of Planets In Love, Composite Charts, Lunar Returns, Dynamic Astrology, and more...plus his wife Susan Townley invite you to...

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Astrologer/author John Townley has guided his international clientele to success from the bedroom to the boardroom - from picking life partners to selecting winning juries. He has written the professional astrologer's original textbooks on love, relationships, and career. The hidden tides of love and opportunity are his stock in trade. Talk to him.

Astrologer/tarot reader Susan Townley has used her intuitive powers as an empathic counselor and life matchmaker to bring soul mates together and heal families and friendships in need of the gentle touch of love and understanding. Lasting marriages and rescued relationships are testimony to her warm and caring sensitivity. Listen to her.

People to meet:
Plus, you can choose from over a dozen personal Reports by famous astrological specialists in women's issues, children, karma and past lives, psychology, numerology, biorhythms, and even gambling. Get some good advice from the likes of Michael Erlewine, Gloria Star, Steven Forrest, Kathy Garcia, Stephanie Clement, Stephen Erlewine, Ray Merriman, Bernie Ashman, Grant Lewi, and more…

Here at AstroCocktail, you can mix and match your perfect combination of in-person counseling and daily guidance. From on-call consultations for important decisions to in-depth conversations on critical life issues, the read you need is on the menu. Consult your horoscope, ask the tarot. Your tailor-made solutions, in complete personal confidence, are all on tap.

If you're new to astrology, or if you want some daily reference pages to keep close at hand, you might want to try one of our computer Astrology Reports. But if you want to get right into the real thing, go directly to our Readings page and consider a personal consultation.

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And don't forget, in our regularly-updated Astrology News section there's always the latest on what's going on in the sky above and in the world below - planetary movements to keep an eye on, noteworthy happenings, reviews and correspondence from around the globe. Mark it on your favorite places and come back often for a refresher. Plus there are lots of free Articles to read, Books to browse, and music CDs and videos to check out. And finally, you can explore the Links page to our friends in the world of real astrology where you can learn more about the stars and what they have to say.

Join the party, take in the atmosphere. Stop by for the latest gossip and chat. And, of course, write, ask, consult. You can talk to us - that's what we're here for. 

So what'll you have, and how do you like it: with or without, shaken, stirred, straight up, or in the blender? Take your pick -- your celestial solution awaits you . . . (click on links, plus...)

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