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Composite Charts:
The Astrology Of Relationships is the definitive work on relationship dynamics by the "father of the composite chart," who has spent more than 30 years developing the technique he introduced in 1973. It incorporates a systematic theory of how and why composite charts work, comprehensive sections on composite planets in signs, houses, and aspects, as well as on the interplay of the natal charts with the composite chart they form, revealing who runs what within the relationship or whether the relationship itself dominates both partners. This book is for those who want to move beyond a static interpretation of natal chart comparison to an understanding of how planetary cycles create the nature and evolution of a relationship. It includes how to construct a composite chart, how to synthesize natal, synastry, and composite charts, and how to interpret composite house placements and aspects. Filled with example charts, Composite Charts presents fully developed interpretations of all the chart factors. This will provide a solid foundation for any astrologer who wants to shed light on human relationships. Comes with a free, personal computer analysis offer.

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Planets in Love
Planets in Love is the first astrology book to take an unabashed look at human sexuality and love and the variety of relationships people form to meet emotional and sexual needs. With unusual depth and insight, author John Townley delineates each traditional horoscope factor in terms of love and sex. Planets in Love contains an easy, plug-in 300-word delineation of every planet and the Ascendant in every sign, every planet in every major house and planetary aspect. In all, there are 550 delineations written in terms of your sexual behavior and relationships. This book provides a catalyst for couples to open up their communication about sexual and emotional issues. Moreover, it gives you a valuable guide for an ongoing process of discovery and exploration.

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Dynamic Astrology
Dynamic Astrology presents a new approach to the foundation of astrology and discusses how planetary cycles can help your career. Topics covered include diurnal, monthly, and yearly cycles; the Mars energy cycle; the Jupiter productivity and opportunity cycle; the Saturn career cycle; the wild-card cycles of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto; and the daily movements of important degrees as they cross the Ascendant and culminate at the Midheaven. Author John Townley explains how to analyze and synthesize all of the cycles to learn about the progress of your career, how to know who your friends and "enemies" are, and what are the best times to sign a deal, go for a job interview, or ask for a raise.
New Spanish edition, Astrologia Dinamica, just out!

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Lunar Returns
Unveil the Mysteries of the Moon! Every month the Moon above comes back to where it was exactly when you were born. Called the lunar return, the chart cast for this instant tells the tale of the next 27 1/2 days to come. It paints your emotional landscape day by day and reveals the tides that wash over your life as the Moon pursues her daily course. Once a primary tool of every professional astrologer, this invaluable technique has often been neglected because of its demanding subtlety and complexity.
This book cuts to the core of how and why to use the Lunar Return, giving the student or professional astrologer the keys to the heart and the pulse of each and every month.
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Computer Report Programs (text, design):

Passion Potential, (Matrix Astrology Software)
The Birthday Report, (Matrix Astrology Software)
Togetherness, (Matrix Astrology Software)
Time Together, (Matrix Astrology Software)
DayWatch, (Matrix Astrology Software)
WinStar Express (Matrix Astrology Software)
Horizons (Matrix Astrology Software)
Know Thru Astrology Series: *Know Your Lover, *Know Your Friend, *Know Your Colleague,
*Know Your Dog, *Know Your Cat
(Matrix Astrology Software)  
The Lunar Return (Matrix Astrology Software)
Relating Potential (Matrix Astrology Software)
Love, Flirtation, and Sex (Astrodienst)
Io Relationship Report  (Time Cycles Research)

Sexoscope (Astrolabe)

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